Meet Bel the Weather Girl!


BEL is like a lot of other eight-year-olds—hosting sleepovers, playing in soccer tournaments, and running around with her big dog Stormy. But there’s also something special about this enthusiastic second-grader: she’s Bel the Weather Girl! Bel is the one her friends all turn to with weather mysteries, whether it’s to talk about twisting tornadoes or to translate the clues in the clouds. Bel’s mom the meteorologist has taught her a lot of weather facts, and Bel loves to share what she knows with her curious friends.

Bel also knows that for some people, weather can be scary: her cousin Dylan, and even her dog Stormy, are afraid of storms. So Bel does her best to explain the science behind the storms, to help quiet those weather worries.

Whether they’re fascinated or afraid of weather, young readers will love following along on each of Bel’s adventures, as she and Dylan come up with playful new ways to understand some of weather’s wildest wonders.



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