If you are lucky enough to have snow where you live this is a great one. Bel the Weather Girl lives where there is plenty of snow and she loves to check out all of the snowflakes and she noticed something very interesting. Did you know that all snowflakes are different except for one thing?

Do this experiment and you will see what Bel the Weather Girl found out.

Place black paper or black fabric in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then take it out of the freezer and put it outside when it is snowing.

Let some snowflakes land on the paper or fabric.

Use a magnifying glass to see the beautiful shapes.

Do you see it? No two snowflakes are the same except they are all six sided! Yes they all have six sides. Pick your favorite!

Weather experiments are fun for anyone! Take a look at all the other weather experiments here!

Find more snow experiments in the A Snowstorm Shows Off: Blizzards book!


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