Bel the Weather Girl’s mom is a meteorologist and she loves this next experiment. Weather happens because of different air pressure systems arm wrestling with each other across your area.

So how does the pressure change? It has a lot to do with temperature!

  1. Find a bottle with a long, narrow neck and set it on the table.  The opening should be just small enough to keep the egg from falling inside.
  2. Boil and peel an egg.
  3. Have Mom or Dad drop 3 lit matches into the bottle at the same time(this is important!)
  4. Quickly place the egg over the mouth of the bottle…..yes quick!

What happens? The lit matches heat the air inside the bottle. When air is heated it expands and takes up more room. As the heated air expands, some of it escapes out the bottle. When the matches go out, the air inside the bottle cools, shrinks, and takes up less room, this creates a lower pressure inside the bottle than outside. The greater pressure outside the bottle forces the egg into the bottle! Yep it will get sucked into the bottle!

Want to get the egg out of the bottle?  Turn the bottle upside down and blow into it.  The increased air pressure in the bottle will cause the egg to pop back out!

Weather experiments are fun for anyone! Take a look at all the other weather experiments here!

For more experiments, check out The Sky Stirs Up Trouble: Tornadoes book!


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