“Bel the Weather Girl” Books Turn Every Kid into a Weather Kid!

Coming in early 2016

Bad weather can be scary—but not for Bel the Weather Girl! Her mom the meteorologist has taught eight-year-old Bel a lot about what makes the wind whirl and the thunder roar. Now Bel is sharing fun weather facts with her cousin Dylan, whose fear of storms is soothed by Bel’s weather-ready tips.

Weather is powerful and sometimes unpredictable, but each of the books in this science-based series offers young readers a playful yet fact-filled explanation for a different weather wonder. As Bel likes to say, “Every day is another weather day”—and every day is also an opportunity to read about another adventure featuring Bel, Dylan, and Stormy the Weather Dog!

Lesson plans for teachers are also available for download here!


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