About Belinda Jensen

Belinda Jensen has been a meteorologist for 25 years and has been curious about the weather since she was an elementary school student! She is now the Chief Meteorologist for KARE 11 News, the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Belinda loves to visit classrooms to share her passion and enthusiasm for weather-related topics, and during those many visits she’s discovered that for some students, weather is an exciting mystery—but that for others, it’s a scary subject. Believing that knowledge is power, Belinda developed a series of engaging and enlightening presentations that reveal the science behind weather, and discovered, just as she hoped, that children aren’t nearly as frightened when they are informed.

Belinda continues to pursue her goal to help kids understand the science and mystery of weather with her series of children’s books featuring the character “Bel the Weather Girl,” who, like Belinda herself, is already fascinated with the weather as an 8-year-old. Throughout the series, Bel delivers playful interpretations of weather science while reassuring her cousin Dylan and her dog Stormy, both of whom are more fearful about the weather.

Although Belinda herself has never feared the weather, her own 8-year-old daughter along with her 6 year old Bernese Mountain Dog are both very apprehensive about weather and provided her true inspiration for the series.

Belinda grew up in the upper Midwest, sometimes dubbed the “Super Bowl of weather.” She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Atmospheric Science. She is married to David and has two children, Tanner and Tori. The family dog, Keana, has a sneaky resemblance to Bel the Weather Girl’s dog Stormy.


Photography by Robert Evans Imagery 


About Renée Kurilla

Renee Kurilla (2)Renée Kurilla is a children’s illustrator and animator living just south of Boston with her artist husband, their pet hedgehog, and their fluffy orange cat. She is a longtime watcher of thunderstorms and lover of snow. While creating illustrations for the Bel the Weather Girl books, she was surprised to learn how far in advance hurricane name lists are created! Some of her favorite things to draw for the books were personified hailstones and Stormy the Bernese Mountain Dog, who appears in every book.



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